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The friendliest drone

We think Paramotors are amazing: they pack down to nothing, can fly for ages, lift heavy loads, don't cost much and are a joy to watch. They are definitely the most graceful of drones to watch and fly.


The only problem is that they can't fly themselves... We're trying to fix this so watch this space.

We believe that an autopilot for a paramotor system could be hugely exciting and would transform the somewhat intimidating and expensive world of fixed wing UAVs. Drones, though increasingly ubiquitous, continue to conjure up images of hunter-killer missions and CIA black-ops.  By developing a friendly craft that gracefully drifts through the air, we're hoping to change all this.


By developing a friendly craft that gracefully drifts in the air we hope to change this. Working with lecturers and students at the University of Bath, we hope to build an autonomous autopilot that could even be able to detect and manage thermals to automatically gain height, save fuel and increase flight time.

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