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Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest

The DJI flamewheel frames are a superb design, affordable and very versatile. The only problem with them is that when fully assembled they are very large and difficult to travel with. Our drop down hinges fit directly onto DJI frame and give a great performance boost as well as reducing the size by as much as 75%.

Version 2 - A folding hinge with adjustable carbon arm

Lighter, Completely Adjustable and with Integrated Landing Gear.


Our brand new hinge for the DJI FlameWheel F450 and F550 has evolved. Taking all the great features of the original and our user feedback on board, we've created a version 2.


Smaller or Larger... You decide


We've done away with DJI's standard plastic arms and replaced them with a super lightweight 10mm carbon square tube. This means you can make them shorter or longer. If you want to put huge motors and propellers on your humble Flamewheel to rival the big boys, and save a fortune on expensive frames, you now can.


The motor mount comes with a range of pre-drilled mounting holes for different sizes. If you'd like anything specific just let us know.


Built in Landing Gear


A 5" raised height above the ground gives plenty of room for a gimbal and camera and the semi-flexible legs offer a nice gentle landing. But it still packs down to an incredible small size.


Save Weight = More Flying Time


The old DJI arms weighed 60g + hinge + landing leg... The new version 2 hinge includes all of this and weighs only 105g.

Download - v2 Hinge Assembly Instructions

The Original DJI Folding Arm Kit

Easier to Transport


With our folding arms fitted, a DJI F550 hex is now up to 75% smaller when folded for travel. The drop down arms also protect delicate camera gimbals and equipment hanging below.


More Stable Flight


Since we're changing the interface with the drone body, we've taken the liberty of adding an 8 degree dihedral on each arm. This slightly upwards angle is seen on most professional drones and makes the flight more stable and less twitchy.


More Lift


The standard DJI arms are now also slightly longer than previously, so you can now fit bigger props. Up to 11" props (instead of the usual 9") can now be fitted, but we also make an extended version for even bigger ones.



Not Fitted


Without hinges and built as designed, the Flamewheel F550 Hex kit is 588mm wide, with a motor to motor centre distance of 548mm. The distance between a motor and it's nearest neighbour (going round the circle and dictating propeller size) is 270mm (approx 10 1/2").




With our standard DJI hinges fitted, and in the open, ready-to-fly position, the width increases to 680mm. Motor to motor centre distance is now 640mm with the distance between a motor and it's nearest neighbour now increasing to 310mm (approx 12") .


When folded, the top surface of the F550 kit stands 250mm above the ground and with the propellers removed it's widest horizontal width is 320mm.

Download - Original Hinge Assembly Instructions

A beautifully engineered combination of Acetal (Delrin) plastic and wood work together to give stength and a light weight solution to the biggest problem with your DJI Flamewheel kit.


But not only does this make your flamewheel the most portable it's ever been, it also allows larger props and more powerful motors.

An upwards 8o dihedral angle gives you a more stable flight.

Also available to fit the huge RCT800 arms

The v1 DJI folding hinge kit includes:


2x  Outer Hinge Plate

2x  Inner Hinge Plate

2x  Pivot Mounts

1x  Arm Cap

1x  Arm Cross Piece

3x  Nut Holders

6x  Square M3 Nuts

1x  6mm Axle

6x  M3x12mm Cap Screws

2x  M2.5x12mm Cap Screws

2x  M2.5x8mm Cap Screws

2x  M3x35mm Cap Screws

1x  M3 Nut

1x  M3 Wing Nut


(RCT800 kit replaces M2.5 Screws with M3)

Assembly instructions can be downloaded here. There have been some minor modifications since these were written but it's obvious changes.


Only significant change of note is that now all 3 nut holders lock in the same forward direction and use shapes instead of numbers for identification.

With folding arms for DJI, make what you make, better.

Supplied as an easy to fit together kit. These folding drone hinges make an excellent addition to any serious quad (DJI F450 Flamewheel) or hexacopter (DJI F550 Flamewheel)


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