6 Degrees of Freedom:


Lateral & Rotation X

Lateral & Rotation Y

Lateral & Rotation Z


Desktop Ready

or Handle add-on with trigger

6 Axis Joysticks give you Complete Control Freedom

Being able to control and move in every degree of freedom is a hugely powerful tool and we'll soon be making this available to anyone. Get ready to transform your CAD, gaming, VR and drone control with what we believe to be the most intuitive and easy to use joystick ever made.

Welcome to the World's most intuitive 6 Axis Joystick



RingStick is an open, hackable, customisable and programmable joystick built on Arduino. Use it for controlling robots, flying drones, playing games and anything else you can think of.

We've been working on this for a year now and are very happy with the results. It's a great way to play 3D space games or have fun flying drones in an intuitive way.


RingStick arrives as a kit and you will need a soldering iron to assemble it.

Open Source means that all the code and design files will be made available to you for you to change and modify as you like.


We do however restrict the license to personal use only and do not give permission for our designs to be resold without our consent.

Development Story of a 6 Axis Joystick

Creating a new kind of joystick controller is a difficult challenge. We believe with the RingStick we have made a truly intuitive device, and now we want to release it to you open source so you can tinker and make it even better. This is the story so far.

November 2015 - There has to be a better way


It’s a weekend and I’m playing with the 3D printer. We’ve been working with a close friend of ours (Chris Shaw at B3D Technology) on 6 axis joysticks…


That’s forwards & backwards (X) [1] left & right (Y) [2] up & down (Z) [3] pitch [4] roll [5] and yaw [6]. Most joysticks are only 2 axis, X & Y...


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March 2016 - 6 Axis Arduino


It’s taken us a little while to get from the basic idea of a ring of joysticks to something that actually does anything. But it’s been well worth the wait. This thing is awesome!


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May 2016 - 6 Axis, PCBs and Drones!


In part 2 of this journey to build a 6 axis joystick we got it to work, but we quickly discovered that making more than one of these was a task no one wanted to do. So many little wires and fiddly bits. Lets join the 21st century and use some amazing folks at Ragworm to replace all these wires with a PCB. So much simpler. Why did we not think of this sooner?


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September 2016 - Going Open Source


Yup that’s right. All our designs and files for this 6 axis joystick will be going online so you can mod/hack/make whatever you like with it!


1. Forwards & Backwards

2. Left & Right

3. Up & Down

4. Pitch

5. Roll

6. Yaw


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Open Source Downloads

Fancy building all the parts for yourself? Simply download the files here and enjoy.

If however you want to make money or redistribute, please contact us. These have taken us a long time to research, test and produce. Be respectful of the effort we've put in.



Electronics (PCB Boards)





Things to Buy

Version 1


Joystick Gerber

Arduino Shield Gerber


Laser Cut Parts .DXF


XBOX Thumb Sticks (or similar)

PCB Header Pins

Table Strap

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